Meet me at the Book Festival!

May 18th - 20th, Columbia SC.

I'll be a panelist for the Romantic Fiction session and for E-publishing!
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RIVERTIME wins 2012 EPIC Award for Contemporary Romance!

Available Now: Book Two in the RiverTime Series

Ditsy Tarkington, a feisty, modern-day British aristocrat, thinks family ties are tantamount to slavery, but the love of her life, Nocona Wiley, a former soldier with unknown parentage and uncertain ancestry, holds family sacred. Assaulted by cultural prejudice and family responsibilities, the lovers are torn apart, but a pair of canny canines, a coveted job opportunity and the terrifying fallout from an unusual drug-running scheme bring them back together to learn that where there is love, there are no barriers.

Available now at, Barnes & Noble and other Booksellers

Available Now: Book One in the RiverTime Series

WINNER of the 2012 EPIC Award for Contemporary Romance fiction.
A trip of self-discovery turns into an unexpected odessey of the heart…in RiverTime.

"From cover to cover, RiverTime is riveting. … Rae Renzi’s RiverTime is a gripping, breathtaking, beautifully told tale. Thanks to this new author for a spellbinding, vicarious adventure.”
Long and Short Reviews

"If you are fan of "desert isle" books and movies--think Castaway, Swiss Family Robinson, Survivor--you absolutely won't want to miss this!"
Good Reads Reviews

Available at, Barnes & Noble; Carina Press; All Romance and other booksellers.